Compounding Pharmacy Workflow Management

Queues…? Yup, that’s what we call them


GPS handles the most common sources of prescriptions and orders from your prescribing partners. Faxes, emails, phone calls, online, text message (SMS) – GPS supports the most modern and the more traditional.

As orders come in they’re funneled into the first Queue. Where processing begins. GPS provides a default set of seven processing queues. Queue functionality includes – RPh Initial Review or RPh Five Point Check, Picking, Shipping, Outbound Calls… and several more.

You can customize the flow of your prescriptions through the building. 

System administrators can control which users can use specific queues. 

Statistics can show you the optimal flow through your building, where backlogs are happening and much more.

GPS was designed by Compounding Pharmacists for Compounding Pharmacists. Whether your facility is processing 10s or hundreds of prescriptions a day; GPS queues keep the work flowing and let you stay on top of every step.