How iFill Works

Cloud Computing

 Cloud Computing Browser based applications like iFill are often referred to as cloud computing applications or Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. The GPS development team has been building SaaS applications since the inception of the SaaS model.

  • No Cost - Setup one facility or multiple facilities, have as many users as you need
  • 24/7 Access - A successful practice never sleeps, neither does iFill
  • Completely browser based - aside from some basic system requirements, you can start using iFill with the computers and devices you are already using
  • No software to install or maintain - you can immediately take advantage of exciting and valuable new features when iFill is updated

Smart and Secure

Smart and Secure iFill is uses industry standard security protocols to earn your trust and protect your sensitive information. iFill intelligently safeguards your users with predictive workflows based on user permissions that you control.

  • Secure logins - The security and integrity of iFill is a constant work in progress. We will be constantly improving our security
  • Predictive workflows - iFill prevents mistakes and saves time by anticipating and enforcing correct behaviors. Prescribing is accurate, fast and compliant with your state regulations
  • Intelligent engines - iFill uses specialized and highly sophisticated engines to drive specific features. Just one example is our custom shipping engine which calculates appropriate shipping methods based on the requirements of the requested medication, weather conditions at the point of shipment and point of delivery as well as several other variables - all to make sure you and your client have the most accurate information possible.
  • Built for compounded medications - iFill was designed from day one for prescribing compounds. Where other e-prescribing systems flounder, we thrive

Fast and Accurate

Fast and Accurate iFill takes a streamlined approach to prescribing compounded medications. Boasting a clean, simple interface - iFill is never cluttered with too many options

  • Prescribe for a client, Order for your office - Whichever path you chose, iFill guides you every step of the way. If your state prohibits ordering compounded medications for the Office, iFill will make sure you stay in compliance with those regulations
  • Information at your fingertips - Tired of other e-prescribing systems that barely support compounds and flood you with too many choices. iFill keeps it simple with fast searches and up-to-date information from the pharmacy
  • Customize without spending time with customization - iFill learns how you prescribe as you use the system and helps future orders go even faster with minimal customization effort on your part.  The system learns and adjusts to your practices patterns.
  • Detailed reporting - Track patient compliance, pharmacy processing times, practice user activity, receive alerts, track billing histories... and more. Better information means better decisions.
  • Save time on the phone, no more missed faxes, or waiting on hold - how much time is lost in your practice when employees are glued to the phone or fax machine. Prescribe with iFill and rescue your practice from the phone and fax nightmare
  • Real-time pricing - Work with your clients to find the best possible solution. A customized compound might be just what your client needs. Keep them in the loop and boost medical compliance by putting all the information on the table
  • Fewer calls for you and your pharmacy - You don't like to be on the phone if you don't need to, neither does your pharmacy. Save time on both ends of the line and build a positive productive relationship with your pharmacy partners