How GPS Serves Compounding Pharmacies


Guided Processing Systems (GPS) GPS is a privately held software and information technology services company focused on providing solutions that match the unique needs of compounding pharmacies and their prescribing partners.

Compounding pharmacies provide an invaluable service to their prescribing partners. By using compounded medications, prescribers can match patients’ needs with a tailored medication coupled with precise dosing and administration. GPS combines decades of compounding industry experience and technology expertise to address the complexities involved in managing the entire lifecycle of compounded medication prescriptions.

The compounding pharmaceutical industry is long overdue in taking advantage of rapidly advancing technologies for staying connected to patients and prescribers. Compounding pharmacies have varied business models and inherently complex internal business and operating procedures. Some have invested heavily in technology to improve internal processes to maintain quality and competitiveness.

Few have ventured into the technological and legal realm of electronic prescription management - where a dynamic regulatory environment across state and federal boundaries creates a seemingly insurmountable set of challenges. GPS is launching products that will address those challenges and will proactively work with state and federal agencies to smooth the road ahead.