iFill - End to End prescription management




iFill has been built from the ground up to support the processes involved in prescribing compounded medications. iFill upholds the patient care triad: patient, prescriber and pharmacist – closing the communication gaps and providing a unified experience for all participants. 

Who is iFill for?


Prescribers can immediately benefit by prescribing through iFill. iFill is more than just e-prescribing. iFill connects prescribers, patients and pharmacies. When all three members of the patient care triad work together - all benefit. Participation starts with prescribers and their practices signing up for an iFill account and then using iFill to submit prescriptions to participating pharmacies.

  • iFill increases speed and accuracy in the prescribing process.
  • It keeps practices aligned with state regulations for prescribing compounds.
  • iFill provides additional financial benefits by saving time and resources. 

Patients participate when they work with their prescriber to decide on the medication which will best suit their needs. Patients can use the iFill website to check prescriptions status, order refills, and maintain a personal profile - among other things.

Pharmacies participate by signing up to be an iFill participating pharmacy. Those pharmacies can then use specialized pharmacy and prescription management software from GPS to handle all their internal processing and fulfillment operations.

Whether you are a prescriber who is choosing a compounded medication because it can be more ideally suited to a patient’s individual needs or because the precise medication you require is not commercially available; or a pharmacy that is looking to boost their exposure, grow their business and ‘go paperless’ in what has traditionally been a ‘paper-overload’ environment. Perhaps you are a patient who has never managed a prescription on-line before. iFill is for everyone.